Read the Pre Departure Kit


Arrange an accommodation (if needed)


Arrange an airport pickup (if needed)


Packed in my hand luggage:


Valid passport with Student Visa *


A confirmed airline ticket * (These details sent to IIBIT if airport pickup arranged)


Two passport size photo of yourself *


Letter of Offer from IIBIT and a copy of the Refund Policy   *


Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) issued by IIBIT *


Receipts of payments (course, accommodation and health cover fees) *


Original or certified copies of your academic records *


Personal identification documents e.g. Driver’s licence, I.D. card*


Any medical prescriptions, relevant medical reports


Spare spectacles or contact lenses and a current optical prescription


Telephone number of IIBIT (Student services - +61 2 9269 0077)


Some cash in Australian dollars – at least $500


The Pre Departure Kit


A warm pullover or jacket


Packed suitable clothing


Spoken to my bank about the best way to organise banking and money transfers


Organised my banking and money transfer arrangements to Australia


Obtained a certified English translation of my driver’s licence


Click [here] for full pre-departure kit.