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To make the process of adding elements like columns and pricing tables easier for the end user we have included our own extension. Meet Demente Type! You will get an extra button for the editor. When you click on it you can choose the element you want to include, set the options and add it. You only have to pay attention to where your cursor is placed because that's were the new element is going to be placed.

Editor button

For example pricing tables have more elaborated markup than other elements. But have no fear because even without HTML knowledge you can use this extension to add them to your article and then you can simply replace the placeholder text and edit them using the standard editor tools.

Overlay options

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Positions are the placeholders for modules in Joomla. The Gantry framework offers a plethora of module positions for you to choose from. This page has a default HTML module published in every available position except key positions like navigation.

The template uses a 12 column grid. All column positions are equally wide in this page because they are all being used but you can choose different widths if you use less columns. To have different layout configurations for different pages you can use the Joomla template style system.

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Floated images

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